Monday, March 14, 2011

Back up your Facebook or Twitter account with SocialSafe

SocialSafe Explanation .. Introducing Wall Backups from Pascal Wheeler on Vimeo.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if your Facebook account was hacked and you lost everything?
Protect your photos and posts with SocialSafe currently for $6.99 using a PayPal account.  You can back up your contacts, profile, photos and posts on your computer hard drive and another device to browse later without needing to be on the internet.

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As you back up regularly, you will be able to explore your time line of updates, friends, and photos and watch how you and your friends change over time. SocialSafe (@SocialSafe on Twitter) has just recently added Twitter back ups.  If you want to learn more about SocialSafe, visit:

Backup & Save Facebook Account Data with SocialSafe (Binary Head)

SocialSafe: Get Your Facebook Data Out of Facebook (Mashable)

SocialSafe adds Twitter back-ups - we have giveaways (

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Backup your tweets with TweetScan

TweetScan Home

It is quick and easy to create a backup of all your Twitter messages at TweetScan.  Create an archive of all your full archive or select
  • Your Tweets
  • Friends Tweets
  • Direct messages
  • @Replies
  • Followers Tweets
  • Favorite Tweets

TweetScan will download the latest 1000 tweets from Twitter for free and you can read them offline from your browser.
1.  Got to TweetScan.
2.  Click on Twitter Backup on the bottom of the page.

3.  Enter your email to receive a download link.
4.  Agree to Terms and Conditions.
5.  You will receive a backup link that will remain active for 7 days.
6.  Click finish.
7.  Check your email
8.  Click on the link in the email to download the .zip file.
9.  You can save the .zip files or extract them and save in a different format.

We will continue to share ways you can archive Facebook and Twitter messages.  In the next post, we will share a tool for archiving Facebook messages, photos, activity, friends, and more!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My take on tablets

Are you wanting to purchase a tablet but feel slightly overwhelmed because you cannot figure out how much or how little tech you need?  Tablets fall somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop when it comes to features.  With all the different brands of tablets and newer ones coming out each day, how do you decide on the one that will suit you best?

It's simple.  Just figure out how you will primarily be using it.
1.  Do you want to consolidate all your gadgets mainly smartphone and laptop?  Do you attend conferences and would only want to keep track of one device?  If you want a device that does it all, then you want something highly functional with all the features that will allow you to stay connected to your networks.  You can find smart phones that are also e-Readers.  Decide on if you want a larger screen or something that will fit in your pocket.

Apple® - iPad™ with Wi-Fi - 16GB

2.  Do you want to leave you bulky laptop at home and take something light-weight with a larger screen than your smart phone with wifi capabilities? Keep your smart phone and look for a tablet that does not duplicate the features of your smart phone.  It would be nice if you could surf the web and keep track of your social networks.  I guess the screen size is important more so here.  You probably want a larger screen.

3.  Are you just basically looking for a device for reading books electronically?
Do not go overboard if all you are going to do is read.  Just decide on if you want a color or not.

If you feel overwhelmed, take you time, and be sure to list the features you really want.  A couple of other popular features to consider are:
  • touch screen or keyboard
  • android apps, mobile, wifi
  • camera, video, audio recorder
Some tablets have a video camera on the back.  That works best for taking photos. Others have it the front which is good for video chats.  Still others have one in the front and back...UGH!  Hang in there.