Friday, January 1, 2016

Inbound or Die!

Sales has always been synonymous with service in my experience.  Thanks to and the opportunity to become certified in Inbound Methodology, I now identify with being a sales educator.  It has always been like a sixth sense to me to know that my job in servicing customers has been to identify their problems and educate them about exisiting solutions knowing that when the opporunity (product or service) was presented they would make the best choice for themselves.


Inbound Methodology was second nature to me.  I have known for years that people are becoming more educated.  It is an insult to their intelligence to push off products or service on them while ignoring what they are saying.  So many people do not understand yet that they need to adapt to the habits of the customer and help them feel happy about what you have to offer. The days of cold calls, spam e-mail, and hard selling has long been over, thank goodness.


Businesses who continue business as usual will die. I knew this in 2010 when I read "Engage or Die," by Brian Solis. It was the best birthday present my husband could have given me.

"We live in amazing times. Perhaps what makes it so special is that the present is rewriting the future for so many things held sacred over the years. So many industries, processes, politics, beliefs and myths clouded or seized our responsibility and capacity to force innovation and ultimately the change that is needed and long overdue. At the root of this however, is what fuels evolution and revolution…"

Not everyone understands the concept of Inbound. I knew there was more to being successful in growing an business in these times. I just could not put my finger on it.  I was hesitant to branch out any further a couple of months ago. I researched university programs, and I thought I had found a solution until I stumbled upon the offer from HubSpot.  

Onward and upward

As I took each class, I found myself saying, "A-HA, that's it!"  It was not so much that I did not understand the first steps of Inbound Marketing, how to attract visitors; I was weak on how to convert them.  With this formal training, I feel hopeful and confident that 2016 will be a year of growth, and I hope that I can be an example to others in helping to change marketing for the better for all. 


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