Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Top 1% Kred Influencer: What is Kred?

On February 1st, I received this notice in my e-mail after being on Kred for about one two months.  I discovered Kred through my network at XeeMe, and I have been very impressed to learn about my level of influence.  Followers are also able to endorse their friends by giving Kred.

The Kred Story provides a snapshot of who you are influencing and who is influencing you surrounding a variety of topics.  You can keep track of the people you engage with and the number of interactions on posts. Check out my Kred Story here:  Saving Stories and sign in to see your own if you have not already  Be sure to connect you account to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

You can embed customized widgets that show off your Kred.

If you received the original Elite Influencers Badge Reward, check your inbox for the newly designed badge that can be embedded on your website or in your e-mail signature.  Kred is collecting screenshots of your blogs and web sites with the embedded badge.

The Kred score is based on two areas of performance:

Influence:  Your ability to inspire others to act based on responses in the form of tweets, replies, and mentions.  The highest score for influence is 1000 points.

Outreach:  Outreach is based on how well you tweet, reply, or mention other people.  The highest score at this time is 11.

To learn more, see the Kred Blog.

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