Thursday, November 29, 2012

Facebook turns down the volume, Google Plus lets you choose

In case you have not heard yet, you can now control the number of notifications shown in your newsfeed on Google Plus.  This comes after Facebook has diminished the number of fan page posts that show in the newsfeed leaving fan page admins scrambling to recoup.

I admire how Google has made it possible for the user to decide how much or how little they want to see.  Check out the visual:

I inserted an arrow which points to where you can adjust what shows in your newsfeed.  The choices are:

  • Show nothing from your Following in Home Stream
  • Show some posts from Following in Home Stream
  • Show most posts from Following in your Home Stream
  • Show every post from Following in Home Stream
  • Also subscribe to notifications for all new posts
I have mine set all the way to the right because I do not want to miss a beat.  Try it, and come back and let us know if you notice a difference or prefer one setting over another.

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