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Update a prime section on your Facebook fan page

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Are you looking to grow your fan base on your Facebook page?  If you are looking for ways to improve your page, this week in the Extend Your Reach Community on G+  we are reviewing Facebook pages and the types of things that make good posts and how often we should post.

While I have been reviewing the pages that I chose to track, I have noticed that some pages could use the "About" section more effectively.  The "About" section is one of the first things a person notices after the cover photo.

You want to help everyone who lands on your page to be able to find your website or learn more about your product or service.  Another reason that you want to give more thought to the "About" section is that search engines pick up the data you include there.  Be sure to include the following in the "About" section:

  1. your fan page name
  2. your product /service name or your mission
  3. local businesses should include the full address

If you keep this section within 140 characters, the whole message will show in the search engine results.  Take a look at the example below.  The about section on this page keeps the fan page members confined to the posts on the page.  This section could be used more effectively to help visitors link to:

  • your personal profile
  • your website
  • products or services

Now take a look at the Extend Your Reach Fan page:

Extend Your Reach
Notice visitors have three choices for engaging further:
  • website
  • personal profile
  • blog

Not all of this section will fit in the search result snippet, but these section is used more effectively.  It can more easily be picked up by search engines because of the keywords, titles, and URLS.  Review your fan page to make sure you have made good use of this space.

If you are looking for more ways to upgrade your Facebook page, see 7 ways to optimize your Facebook fan page SEO right now.  

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