Friday, December 28, 2012

Door opens for Google+ pages to communicate outside the circle

Google+ pages now being able to join the conversations that are happening out their circles is huge news.  I have been frustrated for some time with having to circle someone and then wait for them to circle the page back in order to share or comment on a post.

Now Google+ page owners are not limited and can network with all Google+ users.  To learn more, see:  Google+ Now Allows Pages to Interact With All Users, Analytics Coming Soon from HubSpot.

I could not wait to try interacting with one of my pages.  Here is one of the ways I will work to increase the visibility of Extend Your Reach

1.  Search Google+ for topics that are being discussed that Extend Your Reach can participate with a +1, share, or comment.

Search  : social media strategies
 2.  Join the conversation in a meaningful way:

Extend Your Reach Comment on post of person not in circle.

3.  Shared in community: 

Extend Your Reach G+ Community
When I visited the post by The Social Photographer, I subscribed to the weekly newsletter and received a free e-book on HDR photography. 

One challenge that I have with this particular community is that it was created under my personal G+ profile and not under the Extend Your Reach page which did not exist at the time.  So it takes a little more effort to link the community to the share. It does not come up in the drop down menu for the Extend Your Reach page posts.

To avoid this yourself, make sure that you create your community using the page profile.  I have not found a way to combine the page and community thus far.  

If you have been contemplating creating a Google+ business page, the ability to now communicate with everyone on G+ via your business page may just tip the scale for you to get started today!


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