Tuesday, November 27, 2012

404 Error: Have a back up plan

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English: 404 Error Symbol Deutsch: 404 Fehler Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Have a backup plan.  That's probably not the advice you need in the middle of something going wrong, but I am glad I have different options available to me especially when facing challenges with technology.  Today's challenge happens to be with Pinterest.  Like several other users, I could not access a board that I edited.  It turns out boards edited or created Monday, November 26th are not able to be accessed.

Pinterest assures they are safe and are working to fix the issue (It is now fixed 2:37 PM EST). When I went over to the support section I found a notice:

Issue Board 404 error https://support.pinterest.com/entries/22499898-issue-board-404-errors-cannot-access-some-boards

If you are like me, I hate the 404 Error message. I cannot say that it helps to be on different social networks when this happens because I have a whole new set of followers on Pinterest who do not follow me any place else.  My number of followers there have surpassed every other community except Twitter.  After I discovering the source of the problem, I thought about how I would proceed if in fact I would lose access to a board forever.  I am considering these options:

1.  Create a .PDF of boards with the most number of pins and followers.
2.  Pin the same content on my personal account.  Then if there is a glitch, I can simply make the business  account a contributor to the new board.

Either way, if you were to lose a board, you would loose followers to that board, and everyone that follows the board may not be following you.  You would have to keep track of who follows a board from the notifications.  Then let them know about your new board. You will have to prepare in advance by checking your board followers by clicking on the link to them on the top right of each of your boards.

I just checked, and while I was talking with you, my boards became accessible again.  No more, 404!  I do have to fully implement a back up plan though - just in case!
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