Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yes, Pinterest boards can disappear

Heart drop! I logged onto Pinterest to upload a pin, and all my boards were missing except seven which are contributor boards.

It just so happens that the board I want to add my pin to has disappeared along with the rest.  I scooted over to Pinterest Support and am relieved to find they are aware of the problem even though they do not have an explanation for now other than:

"Some pinners are reporting that some of their boards are missing.
Our team is looking into this issue and hopes to have it resolved soon.  We will keep you updated in this help article!"
I subscribed to the thread so that I would receive e-mail updates as to any changes.  I am trying for seven more Pinterest followers to break 1000, but I guess that is not possible tonight with 7 boards and a pin that will not fit on either one.
I am a little relieved to see that the board (Free Genealogy Online) is accessible on my personal account:  Robin Foster.  I pinned my uploaded pin from that account, and I am able to view it using my business account along with my missing board.  My personal account is connected to the board that is missing on my business account. 

So, I try to repin the pin from the board that was missing.  Are you dizzy yet?

That's okay, because as I went to select a board that had not disappeared, I found all my 178 boards were there again!  

So Pinterest boards can disappear.  The issue occurred from 19:00 to 23:00 EST at least this evening. Are you interested in learning how to backup your boards?  See:


  1. Awesome tips. I have had a similar problem before. One quick visit to the PINTEREST FOR DINNER website helped me fix the problem in a jiffy.


  2. What was that fix-it site again? I'm having the same problem of missing boards

  3. What was that fix-it site again? I'm having the same problem of missing boards

  4. my board keep dissapearing over and over and they are coming back too, but it is not nice if want to pin on a groupboard. My own boards always stay. If logged out and changed my password and many of the board came back that way and the rest came back een few hours later. But it keeps happening to my account. Perhaps there is a bug in the account. Daphne

  5. I have a problem that I can't access my boards from my page. I can't even sign in. I can get to my boards through an old pin but then it only shows three pins on each board. Same when I look at someone else's boards. I'm only getting 3 pins. The boards don't show up at all for pinning something to it. Don't know what is wrong.

  6. I'm having the same problem with Pinterest. I'm upset! No wonder I'm only getting orders for the same 4 items that are showing up when SHOP is clicked on my Pinterest Dealznet account, yet I have nearly 200 buyable pins. UGH!

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