Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do you care about who you reach?

Have you ever thought about who may be missing all of your great expertise shared in presentations, meetings, and elsewhere? Has anyone ever contacted you for a brief synopsis of a class or presentation they missed because they could not decide which simultaneous event to attend? Is it fair that some are left out because the distance was too great and the funds too short?

Have you ever prepared to give a presentation only to have poor attendance due to poor weather or scheduling constraints? What if you could reach more people the next time you held a meeting or gave a presentation? What if those who could not attend could watch later and everyone could view again and again?
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Pay per view webinars, no subscriptions

If your followers could watch your webinar live for ninety-five cents, would that increase the value of what you do? How many more people would you be able to reach? Bloggers and their followers are looking for ways they can interact together online. Blog Interact has just launched a new feature where registered users can offer live webinars for .95 cents per attendee. I could not begin to list all the webinar features. Read for yourself at Blog Interact: Webinars and Affordable Webinar Services.

More to come

The webinar is just one of many features that will be accessible from this platform after you register for free. Right now, you can submit articles where users comment and vote, create public or private groups, with much more to come.

What are some of the ways you would like to engage with each other? Follow Bryan P.Hollis at @BlogInteract and share your suggestions. He is passionate about creating a community that many will enjoy and use.


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